Architecture & Design Podcast Episode: “The future of cladding and cladding rectification

Architecture & Design Podcast Episode: “The future of cladding and cladding rectification”

Together with strata industry consultant Michael Teys, our Aluminium Facade Systems General Manager Craig Penton talks in detail about what is happening in the world of cladding, the challenges of cladding, and the current process of assessment of risk on this episode of ”Talking Architecture & Design”

In the podcast, Michael states that there are thousands of buildings in Australia that are considered at high risk due to the millions of tonnes of combustible product that has been imported into Australia over the last two decades. Furthermore, they discuss the rectification of building industry, accountability of cladding problems, and rectification.

The podcast goes in-depth on Craig’s and Michael’s experience with the rapidly changing cladding industry and liabilities. In their opinion, the cladding rectification process requires more knowledge and attention in order to take action and fix the issues that the at-risk buildings are facing.

Another big topic that is discussed is the history usage of combustible facades, rectification work from a builders perspective, and the state of the Strata rectification market as buildings with as low as 1% cladding coverage are also considered as at risk due to the usage of combustible facades.

Listen to the full podcast from Architecture & Design here:

The ProClad™ range

The Aluminium Facade Systems ProClad™ range includes; non-combustible solid panels, interlocking panels and fixings.


ProClad™ SOLID

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All non-combustible aluminium fixings for a compliant and safe installation for the ProClad range of products.



A complete non-combustible aluminium facade system, incorporating intelligent fixings methods to ensure maximum performance and lifespan of a facade, including ease of maintenance.

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