• Why ProClad LINEAR?

Australian Made by Alspec; Pre-Finished System; Intelligent Installation; Environmentally Sustainable; Industry Leading Warranty; Spectacular Aesthetics. ProClad LINEAR compared to light gauge metal sheet systems has minimal fabrication, concealed fixings, more rigid and does not oil can.

  • What is ProClad LINEAR?

ProClad LINEAR is an intelligent Interlocking system. It is designed to be a ventilated façade system and can be used interior and exterior.
ProClad LINEAR is available in 5 profiles and can be finished in any warranty Interpon and Dulux colours including a leading technology woodgrain finish ezy HD2

  • What route of compliance does ProClad LINEAR fall under?

ProClad LINEAR is DTS for fire compliance and meets the C1.9e (v) clause for non – combustible building elements type A and B
construction “prefinished metal sheeting having a combustible surface not exceeding 1mm thickness and where the spread of flame is the index of the product is not greater than 0.”

  • What is a Ventilated Facade?

A ventilated façade is a kind of two-stage construction, an inner structure with a protective outer layer of skin e.g., a Fire barrier or RAB and the cladding panel or rain screen. A ventilated façade of an insulated and weathertight structure, a ventilated cavity formed with a cladding support frame, and the cladding panel.

  • What is the lead time for ProClad LINEAR?

We stock a limited range in store. Project-specific orders have a 4–6- week lead time.

  • Can ProClad LINEAR be used internally?

Yes, it can be used internally and ceiling linings. Needs to demonstrate compliance to AS5637.1 – Wall and Ceiling Fire Hazard Properties
(AS ISO 9705 full-scale room burn test or AS 3837 small-scale cone calorimeter test)

  • Can ProClad LINEAR be anodized?

Yes, it can be anodized.

  • What is the warranty for anodizing?

External 25um 10 years standard, 25 years available upon request and approval. Internal 20um (7 years).

  • What is the warranty for ProClad LINEAR?

25-year warranty. Warranties may vary pending on the environment and corrosivity zone.

  • Does ProClad LINEAR have fixings for corners etc.?

Yes, ProClad LINEAR is a system that has ancillaries to meet your façade design requirements.

  • Does ProClad LINEAR pass AS1530.1?

Yes, ProClad LINEAR passes AS1530.1

  • Does ProClad LINEAR pass AS1530.3?

Yes, ProClad LINEAR passes AS1530.3

  • Does ProClad LINEAR meet FP1.4 requirements?

Yes, we have an expert analysis report FP1.4 from BG&E Facades. It can meet the requirements but would need to be reviewed by a qualified engineer.

  • What is FP1.4?

Weatherproofing states that a roof and external wall (including openings around windows and doors) must prevent the penetration of water that could cause; There are no deemed-to-satisfy provisions in respect to FP1.4 for external walls for Classes 2-9 Buildings.

Does ProClad LINEAR pass AS4284?
Yes, ProClad LINEAR passes AS4284. We will be testing in July 2021 with Ian Bennie & Associates in Victoria.

  • What is AS4284?

AS4284 test is a waterproofing test for building facades that compiles of a static pressure wind load test, static pressure water test and cyclic pressure water test.

  • Are ProClad LINEAR test reports NATA accredited?

Yes, all our test reports relating to ProClad LINEAR are NATA accredited.

  • Do you have reference projects?

Yes, we do in NSW, ACT, QLD and VIC. Contact your local AFS BDM for further information.

  1. NSW Wavelength Cronulla & Ohana Batemans Bay
  2. ACT Mulberry & 2020 Braddon
  3. QLD Hamilton & Sunshine Coast City Council
  4. VIC Homes of Imagination
  • What lengths does ProClad LINEAR?

Standard lengths are 6.5, custom lengths are available on request 4–6-week lead time and MOQ of 1000M²+